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10 branded content marketing is not done

for branded content marketing, how to attract customers is a very important subject, and narrative skills have a lot of help on this process.

is the same as good news or bad news, branded content can be positive or negative impact on your business. But the difference is, you can control more of the latter. But not poor editorial effects uncomfortable, some damage control methods, you can go far wrong in the bud to prevent your content, it is in these errors before they become uncontrollable.

from paragraphs packed with buzzwords and terms, to neglect to establish Bowen's communication plan. Rebekah Iliff on share common mistakes committed a number of brands, which will serve as guidance when you create the content, knowing what not to do.

NO1. stop talking about yourself.

this looks simple, isn't it? But it is for yourself, your product, and you think of all that is well informed, also is being annoying good boundaries. We all know that good communication is the key to listen, and listen to from the beginning you focus on the "I" to "you". Remember one rule: content is brought into the conversation. Consider your audience is the key to solve any problems or challenges. Helpful, thoughtful and above all useful.

NO.2 limited sales-oriented language, as well as other sales speech.

for your email marketing, creative, or other marketing channel of focused sales, keep an eye on it. Of course, your blog is to share news of a safe place, but remember that blog true purpose, don't let your garden overgrown with weeds. If people are aware that they are entering a landfill, they will look more vibrant Ranch.

NO.3 stop excessive use of buzzwords: make your content with powerful destructive and can melt the heart of pioneer.

every word you know the slang words are inserted in the art of people? He was one of those annoying people who, although he worked hard, he could never replace a good conversationalist. Let your content do not appear in the jargon. When Buzzword can strengthen your material, or when your ideas are promoted, will contain some buzzwords, not just because you think they're going to make you sound smart or clever. In fact, Buzzword will make you look like a tool, and is not the most prominent one.

NO.4 stop blogging just to improve your SEO.

create a genuine, high quality, solution-oriented content, looks like being a robot to write SEO blog posts, you'll see a better long-term value. Regardless of whether your customers comply with brand loyalty, they must be smart enough, they will notice the difference between thought and seed keywords. A dialog is thrown, another can stimulate disrespect to your brand.

NO.5 stop creating content, just because everyone else does.

the sooner you admit that this is not a strategy, you're creating a real, effective policies closer. Now, gradually stepped back from the edge of the bridge.

do not create a communication plan free NO.6 contents.

planning, how, when and why are you in your various social networks and marketing channels to share each post, and the establishment of a system for tracking your success. If you see yourself making out in the car out of the garage, which can be admired and appreciated.

NO.7 stop using the image, do not copy, and copy without images.

people like images. If you can give your information with an attractive image, and easier for people to share your content. Copy context to complete. Conversely, extremely long edit an article without at least a few visual images, only because of its length, it will be skipped. To break large chunks of text with images, among the various ideas that will give your readers fresh.

NO.8 for the cannot cycle to your target's chance to say "no".

it was an exercise to check your profile. Whatever contributes this post is not aimed at your target audience, is still committed to a publication of the interview, and the publications you need almost nothing, don't feel obligated to accept every request, just because it is a request, or because it makes you feel need special seasoning. You probably resembled most opportunities in the beginning, but when your business is, you need to be more strategic about where to invest your time. If this opportunity is not as boomerangs back to your organization in the same way, or push you forward, why did you do it?

NO. 9 even if they disagree with you, don't ignore the comments.

plain simple: these are missed opportunities for input. Wisely, talk to, compassionate response, used to look forward to ignite dialogue in good faith. If a comment is negative, or in some way against you, ask questions before your feedback, listen. Remember, content is a dialogue against can create space on your company's core theme of healthy debate. This is an opportunity to show your brand real colors in real time.

NO.10 to stop saying you don't have enough time to get the content.

we are very busy and have no time to do. Everything we do is a choice. Select content to enhance your brand, and chose to become an opinion leader, started not just collections of that person.

This shows that for branded content marketing, should pay attention to the core content of the communication, convey their brand values.

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