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Street public service announcements brought civilization to XI philosophy

City residents are discovering, the roadside "stressing civilization and fostering new practices" public service ads and "China dream" theme poster campaign more and more, and can transmit positive energy.

wall contains nearly 70,000 public service ads

yesterday, reporters saw on Finch Avenue, roadside fences on public service advertising, public service ads on each sheet is equipped with a picture, some vivid paper-cut, some reflecting farmers ' paintings of rural life, and to show the new and beautiful views of the countryside, the content is very rich. On public service ads are "auspicious Chinese dream dreams" and "dreams of people singing and dancing", "Germans world wide" words, advocating you civilized and polite people in XI ' an, through the realization of their dream realized "the China dream". Clock tower winding mountain path, the streets of Xian has a similar public service announcements. "The role of public service advertising is imperceptibly influence people, civilization idea took hold. "Members of the public, Mr Wu said, I often see these ads, people will unconsciously changed more and more standard and more civilized.

reporters learned from the civilization Office, according to incomplete statistics, as of now, the city's walls (walls) such public service advertisements about more than 69,000 square block, contains an area of 430,000 square meters.

LED electronic screen broadcasts around the clock

except road wall, construction walls, isolation barrier, building roads, electronic screens, the taxi lamp public service ads are eye-catching. People, says Ms Wang, now outdoor advertising is full of business, make people feel very impetuous. "Public service ads can draw attention to your words and deeds, if someone wants to climb fence, see the slogans on the fence will stop. Public service advertising in the Guide for good, civilizations have played a big role. "Mr LEE said, public service ads on the streets have increased markedly, wall, fence becomes beautiful and colorful.

currently, city 230 block large LED electronic screen clock scroll broadcast public advertising; city 11,215 car taxi, all in car top Department LED display play public advertising; city 49 a city square, set "told civilization tree air" public advertising exhibition Board 3125 block; city main road established single column huge advertising up 145 block, published area about 18,000 square meters; city civilization do will public advertising publicity and "civilization table", and "civilization tourism", and "civilization traffic" And so on, in the city's major restaurants, tourist attractions, traffic to set up public service advertisements publicity boards, sign nearly 5000, the city's published, such as all types of means of transport, buildings and television public service ads and nearly 100,000.

5 a theme used different carrier publicity

Xian the district also relies on square, and Park, and community, and road, population intensive, and traffic flow big of place, to "Socialist core values", and "love party patriotic", and "traditional virtue", and "ecological civilization", and "Chinese etiquette", 5 a theme, used lightbox, and column, and LED electronic display, carrier, achieved a square a theme, and a park a theme, and a community a theme, and A theme and a street light concentrated advocacy model to enhance the Visual impact of public service advertising, mind power and social influence.

at present, have built public service advertising theme in the city streets, theme, theme square nearly 100 communities; and 2 public service ads 30 bus and subway train car; selected important areas in the urban areas, to create "learning from Lei Feng volunteerism" and "a good Act" two themes of public service ads square, next to focus on volunteerism and ethical role model, good deeds.