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The meaning of marketing: selling brand value or sell?

I have to say, today we have from the time of manufacture the into and create value, product supply exceeding demand, who can shape the product value, and who will win in the end. Today we reveal the truth marketing and see what we sell brand? sell culture? or selling value?

i. environment and atmosphere to enhance product value

the same cup of coffee taste, raw materials, the cup size is the same as the case. In a roadside shop to buy eight dollars, boss earns four dollars. Starbucks sold 38 pieces, the boss made 34. Former profit margins after deducting all direct and indirect costs of 20%, and Starbucks can reach more than 500%, so how did they do it? it's because Starbucks coffee, coffee is just part of your consumption. In addition to coffee, you need to provide the Starbucks culture atmosphere, coffee house environment, even you have to pay for every piece of music you hear.

a Fujian tea owner who used to share a personal experience of his case. Started to sell tea on the number a pound a pound selling a sack of a sack to sell. Doing this for ten years, he has 5,000 acres of tea plantations, but still little development. Until a few years tea Association organized them to Japan and Taiwan to inspect, seen to bathe before Japanese tea, incense, dressed and wonderful tea ceremony before tea and the tea ceremony. He said that when he passed so very thirsty after the toss, he said he was even drinking water will feel sweet. In that atmosphere, I not only learned the profound tea culture, tea has a new emotion. And opened his own set of capillary blood on every hole, so drink every SIP of tea as sweet. He also found someone selling a cup of tea will be equal to the price of a sack of tea he. After coming back, he talk business with customers, you first need the tea culture began. Because only do foot work tea culture, tea to sell in his high price.

two. quantitative you of value

If you give others of products value is cannot quantitative of, others is hard believes you of products of, with data talk than you show good 100 times times, so to quantitative you of value, from actual value and psychological value two a aspects for quantitative, like, you of products can to others increased income or reduced spending cost, this is you of products with to others of actual value. Is the value of satisfaction of customers inside, is a feeling! are satisfying their desires and achieve their dreams. Tell them that using the product results, easier, more efficient and more secure.

III. material and technology to create products of value

Rolls-Royce cars why so expensive? context, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars limited annual production of thousands of vehicles, even a fraction of the world's largest car company is not enough. But from another point of view, to have less is expensive. Rolls Royce auto company will tell you on the other hand, he most particularly those who insist on manual production. Owners can see the entire production process, such as Rolls-Royce's engines are made exclusively by hand.

a radiator cost workers a full day to complete, and then Polish it processed, and over 5 hours. According to statistics, 15 hours make a steering wheel, assembled a body needs for 31 hours, installing an engine takes 6 days. Because of this, it can only moved 6 inches per minute on the Assembly line. Make a 4 door car 2.5 months, each vehicle must go through 5000 miles of testing. All this tells you one thing that this car is the best material for so long time meticulously. You don't get more out of the money properly? domestic manufacturers "27 purification" marketing program, tell you that pure water production, but also very successful example of this.

IV. rarity and unique location

for a bottle of water in Wuhan's value and his value will be the same in the African desert? on the Yangtze River, we don't feel the preciousness of water. And when the water in the desert, he is synonymous with life, precious gold! in the increasing homogenization of products today, the rarity of the product to create, can be both a fuss. On one hand, we must be good at discovering the "new world", new market, excess product in the old market, are scarce in the new market. Other hand, explore product differentiator and utility. The same toothpaste, you can choose to whiten, and stationed in various positions such as, cleaning teeth, anti-allergy. The same shampoo, you can choose to keep hair, hair, prevent hair loss, light hair, dark hair, dandruff and other different functions.

v. to build your brand and build your fan

in my opinion, the brand is covered in a kind of emotional identification. Like the younger girls like "Super girl" Li Yuchun, that suggests Li Yuchun, the "product" the temperament, habits, behavior and other brand elements to meet these girls hearts ' emotional needs, this creates value, this value is the emotional need of the Li group, rather than her own needs. This is the value of the brand. Say two people fall in love, if you like, that is through continual contact and understanding takes (shaping); two men working together, a long time, there is a tacit understanding and goodwill between each other, which is shaped and honed by time. Wind of poplar, brand awareness and knowledge through continuous, you have feelings for him and rely on.

there is no doubt that all sales are doing the same thing, that was to prove their product value. Sales process, in fact, is to make the customer understand the value of products sold is much higher than his price. Dang customer awareness of value far of is greater than products itself of price of when, customer on will timely select sold; Dang customer awareness of value is equal to products itself of price of when, customer on will hesitated even select judge, this products whether real has necessary for purchase; Dang customer awareness of value far of below products itself of price of when, customer on will select left, because products of price has from has products of value.