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Wearable device will be ads dreams?

from the IDC data we can see that compared to currently more than 1 billion smart phone number, about 20 million spending this year volume of wearable device still appears to be negligible.

but IDC estimated 2018 wearable device of the year, shipments of up to 112 million, coupled with technology firms including Apple, Google and Samsung are now mustering strength, develop related products such as watches, glasses and helmet, advertisers see the wearable device and the path of positive growth and willingness to trigger ads.

advertising companies are trying to use wearable device platform, placed on customer's products deliver marketing messages directly, is based on "any device associated with the screen may have a marketing opportunity" concept.

mobile ad firm InMobi is trying to intervene in wearable device of the advertising market, developed for the smart watch and a head-mounted display advertising, Millennial Media and Kiip also are trying to find a viable advertising technology.

industry generally felt that dream of wearable devices for advertising time has come. But when advertisers began experimenting with wearable devices ads, ads out of the lab, into the market?

considered wearable device's screen size is limited advertising space will be smaller than a smart phone, product suitable for small screen advertising promotional coupons, sports shoes or health insurance and so on.

wearable devices advertising is still in its infancy, will see may not be the traditional forms of advertising, more streamlined interface, or black and white images are possible.

mobile users are becoming more and more able to adapt ads, whether it is attached to the wrist or peered through a small screen, than the phone tucked in your pocket or bag of tablets, more rapid access to and sharing of news, pictures and updates news and easily interact with friends.

How to push advertising to consumers? Analysis of personal data including location, activities and health-related information has reference value.

wearable devices advertising viability will depend on the user whether or not to accept them. In particular, the use of personal data may run into issues of privacy, the advertising industry pays more attention to protecting the privacy of consumers, learn how to handle privacy on the mobile side, outside of creative, has also become more important topics.

Google patent on how images are displayed in glass has been made, the end of the year, will be key to feasibility of wearable vehicle advertising.

to sum up, with the further popularization of wearable device, advertising and marketing will also get the new channels and platforms.