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Explores the future of Web design trends

1. creative layouts

in recent years, the trend probably started around creative, and are hard to get rid of page layout design, are the same, so once the layout has some chic little change, you can let the user's eyes light up. But in innovation at the same time, designers should follow the user's visual sensory experience, maintain the browse line of sight path is always smooth.

 OYAMA new layout

2. use background pictures

to high quality picture as a design method for Web site background is very common in foreign countries, but because of your site's style, there is a difference, so the trend of late for some time to come to China. Is expected in the year 2015, the big picture background will be became widely used, is not limited to some of the more current Web sites, creative companies and is facing the challenge of internationalization of enterprises official Web site also will start to want to try this free background design.

yitaitelun the big picture background

3. emphasized font layout design

simple font design affects the entire atmosphere of the Web page. In recent years is expected, minimalist Web design will become mainstream, so a page and this will reduce the amount of text in, the show is a relatively important part of text, and large font is the best format to focus. Not only that, but stressed the font design combined with the big picture background can create a magazine-style Web design, make the site more casual nature.

MN stressed fonts typography designs

4. can't stop page adaptive (response)

number of mobile users is sufficient to prove the importance of page adaptive, as all kinds of intelligent equipment continues to rise, adaptation will become the designers need to study the issue. And compared to the past, responsive Web pages not only to accommodate a greater variety of resolutions in the future, wouldn't you have to focus on the content flow, breakpoints, relative unit, as well as the design of embedded objects, and so on, allowing users to truly enjoy the comfort of adaptive.

5. growing Parallax scrolling

Parallax scrolling is to allow multiple backgrounds to scroll at different speeds, resulting in a three-dimensional motion effects, providing visitors a unique visual experience. The gorgeous effect of Parallax scrolling for the show, so much for branding sites, play a role in memory. In this day and age of intense competition, an impressive Web site design is really important.

6. interactive story

story design is one of the design trends in 2014, it is undeniable that this trend will continue in the future, but will also be improved, such as adding some can interact with the user interaction design, allowing users to not just look at the story, but the story and page merging.