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Talk about design by response yesterday, today and tomorrow

May 2010 Ethan. Peter Westmacott (Ethan Marcotte) "a List Apart" wrote a seminal article (entitled "Responsive Web Design"), he uses three tools: a fluid layout (Fluid grids), media inquiries (Media queries) and elastic image (Scalable Images) created a different resolution screens are beautiful to display Web site. Ethan Marcotte has urged designers to take advantage of the unique characteristics of Web design: "many of our experiences on different networked devices can be, treated as different aspects of the same Web site experience, rather than cut individually for each device and making it disconnected to each other, this is the direction we are moving. Although we have been able to design the best visual experience, but also to our standards-based technology is also embedded into the design, so as to make our designs not only flexible, but also able to render their various media. "Ethan Marcotte has proved on a variety of devices can provide a superior experience, but this method does not ignore differences of different devices, nor emphasized the control of designers, but chose to let go and embrace the flexibility of the Web.

here simple introduced Xia above of mentioned of three a concept: flow layout (Fluid grids), and media query (Media queries) and elastic pictures (Scalable images) originally are is refers to existing of some technology means, but in do response type design research of process in the, these concept also is has more widely of meaning, designer also should has understand:

flow layout

Original layout technique specified in percentage units of measure implementation. There not as a fluid layout, flexible layout, grids, and other concepts of fluid to do one by one note. I Commission a great concept: in response to design layouts, no longer in pixels (PX) as a single unit, instead of using percentages or mixing percentage and pixels, design a more flexible layout.

media inquiries

media queries allow you access to the property values in a particular environment--for example, device type, resolution, screen size and color – to decide what kind of style is applied. By using media queries, you can get to the device and device properties, and to seek solution to address legacy issues in the simple layout before.

flexible picture

with the layout flexibility, picture as one of the important forms of information must also have more flexibility to adapt to changes in layout. Personally think that Ethan Marcotte is elastic picture suggested the concept of designing products, we can be in the follow-up study to picture the typical, expanding the scope of research: in addition to pictures, should also include icons, graphics, video and other content by response mode research.