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Five Web design tips to make users forget

1. enticing audiences to explore your Web site;

2. allow them to stay in on the information you have given;

3. be referred to them to take action.

the following, to the point, I hope you can get some useful information from this article.

five Web design tips make users forget

1. users at the first sight

combination of graphics and content, allowing users to love at first sight, empathize, and was fascinated. There are two ways (a) to maintain consistent page layout, lest visitors fleeing in the middle. (B) the use of eye-catching, leading, high-resolution graphics.

learn what: create a unified look and feel, with an emotional tone and line, engaging the user in, coupled with compelling content, just enough to surprise the user.

2. the story

we all love tea room gossip, the friends of jokes. When we share these stories, how focused we are. So why not on your Web site to tell stories? You can draw some film Web site practices.

learned: the time-tested, this is a great way to increase user participation. The point is that you must be a story man. Learn some knowledge about the information hierarchy, will help you to better understand the psychology of the audience and allows you to design the site to get a higher conversion rate.

3. free from the normal

we are attracted to something unusual. Brainstorming can help you find a way to make your Web design stand out. Starting from HD graphics and a unique layout, a good layout can definitely enhance your message.

learned: when users interact with your Web site, and to give them left an indelible impression. Just like your favorite ice cream flavor must be more than countless other taste, page layout you should strive to be the audience's favorite flavors, so they want to come back at any time. Research + Creative is the key here. Yes, please grasp the unconventional and bizarre line between.

4. important information on the first screen

under normal network competition, it's hard to get new visitors. So, once the user to your site, you want them on the page a little longer, a little longer. Relatively speaking, does not require scrolling screens, people are willing to spend more time. Design of efficiency. Smart response action, promotion or registration button here, you will be able to benefit from user feedback.

learn what information arrangements should allow visitors to quickly find what they are looking for. Even the visitor get the information he wanted, continues to linger on your site.

5. continue to improve

gamers can't win every time. We all need to practice and fine-tune skills to do better in the game. Adjust your Web design, target audiences fascinated by is a gradual process.