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The significance of Web design user's Guide

a role, user guide

mobile application in the new Member will use user guide, as well as new versions are released, that user's role is to what?

can be discussed from two aspects: on the one hand from the perspective of product, product user guide is needed to highlight the new capabilities and features of the product, means the feature structure, avoid the strangeness of the product to meet demand. For example petals, from the diagram in the user guide instructions product features of each module, and encourages the user to explore, building product and interaction between users, reduce the distance between users and products.

Web design user significance

from the perspective of users on the other hand, the user needs to features through the user guide to understand the product and how to operate, and speedy use of the products, reduce costs, meet the needs of users. Such as paper, through the user guide tells users can operate through gestures, which interact with the product, establishing the use of cognitive and let users know how to operate, users will quickly get started with this product.

two design principles, user guide

1. ensure the validity of user guide

user guide play their own role, outstanding product features to help users better use the product. This is users first principles of design, the user guide is the product of content as well as form help, if not users play a role, that user is not only meaningless, but will affect the user experience.

2. According to usage scenarios to trigger the appropriate user guide

users in using the product when there are some usage scenarios, based on the user's usage scenarios to trigger the appropriate user guide to ensure that when users need to eject the boot is in the best user experience, when users are willing to accept. This guide is not particularly unexpected, users know what to do, and the corresponding scenarios help users. For example Facebook open positioning guidance, but the user needs to send the current position when the Guide form in the application will pop up, telling the user to open position, the user in this scenario would be happy to open position, so as to improve the conversion rate of opened position, and would not think of this guide was influenced by her own experience.